Loving Limits


Spring Festival .
May 19

Spring Awakening Gathering .
Thursday June 7 at 7:00pm

Parent Evening .
Tuesday May 22, 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Come learn about your child's school experience, child development, and cur- riculum and to connect with other parents.

Budget Meeting .
Thursday at 12:30pm
Jennifer will present the budget for 2018-19 and answer questions (lunch bunch available). Kindly RSVP



Eurythmy for Adults / Social Movement .
Mondays 8:40am - 9:10am

The Silence Workshop .
Thursdays at 6:00pm

NAS Book Club .
Tuesday May 29 at 6:45pm



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The warmth of spring is here and having its effect on all of us. You might recall a middle school physics lesson on warmth and its relationship to expansion. Well, we are seeing that relationship right here everyday: Your children are expanding right before our eyes! And all of this spring expansion turns our mind to loving boundaries. Children, and adults, need to experience that expansion and relax- ation that comes with the warmth during these months. Without it, moving into the contraction of fall and winter would be untenable. Yet the children are asking us to bal- ance the expansion with a healthy does of holding, lest they simply fly away one day! Looking at your family rhythm and finding ways to take more time to notice the flowers on the way to school or spend more time playing outside before dinner will help you work with your child's natural state right now. Keeping "rules" leftover from Jan- uary won't help anyone enjoy the spring and summer. Yet, when you are creative in redefining the boundaries for spring–we can play a bit longer after dinner, eat a slower breakfast, spend more time outside–and also keep the boundaries they and others need to feel safe–we walk in- side, we eat meals at the table, we treat others with gentle hands–you allow them to enjoy that expansion, knowing you will tether them to the earth. And it is that balance between expansion and holding that you mediate for them each day, all day, that helps them come into a healthy rela- tionship with the world.



Spring cleaning time has come! Please collect your gently used clothing for our annual clothing and toy sale. We will be accepting donations of clothing, textiles, and wooden toys through THURSDAY. All proceeds from the clothing sales will go towards the sandbox renovation at El Jardin, and textile and toy sales will go towards the Annual Appeal for New Amsterdam. 

The sale will take place FRIDAY 8AM-4PM & SATURDAY 10AM-2PM. 

Belle Savransky