Endings & Beginnings


Summer Programs begin!
June 18 - Monday

Back to School Community Evening
September 5 - Wednesday

First day of school for grades 1, 2, and 3
September 5 - Wednesday

First day of school for Early Childhood classes:
September 12 -Wednesday

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What a year it has been at New Amsterdam! Last fall I asked you, "What makes New Amsterdam New Amsterdam?" And, what has been obscuring the highest and purest incarnation of the being of our school? What I learned was pretty simple: you love the teachers, you love the food, you love the free play, and you love the outdoor time. And you love each other and the cozy community created in this very special place. What you didn't love was not knowing the future of the school even into the next school year. While administration certainly has room for improvement still, we hope we've created a sense of security for your family: we WILL be here, next year and into the future. For your family and for many children and their families who are drawn here in the years to come. For those who are moving on to new cities and new schools, we will cherish the time we had here with you and very much hope you will keep us in your hearts, as we will keep you in ours.



We say good bye to Anna Rockwell who has served the NAS community in so many capacities for over five years. Her steadfast dedication, good will, and love for New Amsterdam are deeply appreciated and will be missed, daily. Anna is an artist and will be directing her energy towards art making and building her practice.

Adriana de Oliveira-Hammonds is also leaving us today. Her warm smile has made pretty much everyone's day at some point, and her professionalism and organizational skills have brought New Amsterdam much needed clarity in so many areas.

Alex Cerda, Ms. Patricia's assistant, will not return in that role next year. Alex's creativity and artistic sensibility have graced all areas of the Willow Room, from snacks, to birthdays, to crafts. Alex will focus her love and care on her little boy and the rest of her family. We may still enjoy Ms. Alex in the afternoons as Village Peeps and Spanish teacher.

Kana Hirano, Ms. Howard's assistant and our finance coordinator, will shift to a supporting role in Willow and Grades Two and Three. The Junipers will certainly miss both her kindness and gentle firmness, but they don't have to say good-bye, as Kana will be with us each morning next year. Kana's dedication to the financial health of the school and her keen sense of responsibility brought us through a hard fall into a blossoming spring.

Owen Schiller, our Robin's Nest and substitute handwork teacher, is an actor and will spend his time in the theater business next year. Bravo! We are so excited to say that he also plans to return next year for Drama and Choir Village Peeps classes.

Please see the forthcoming letter on the many other changes com- ing to New Amsterdam, from spaces to personnel to after school programming. The email will include a copy of the family calendar for 2018-2019.


Belle Savransky