Bringing the Outdoors In

The Home Nature Table

This time of year we may feel it is hard to find beauty in the outside world, and while there is certainly beauty in the stark contrast of bright snow and dull gray bark, in the stillness of the clear blue sky and passing flocks of geese, and in the ice crystals on windows, it can feel a stretch to see it. This is the perfect moment to connect with the season and find some small elements to bring inside and consciously, artfully arrange - maybe on the kitchen table, a windowsill, or a shelf by the front door. Keeping a nature table in your home gives purpose to your pausing to notice, to your stooping to gather a pinecone at the park. All you need is a few items from nature, maybe a small seasonally-colored cloth, and maybe a stone or two. Finding elements from both the mineral and plant worlds brings a balance, and a small wooden animal or two adds context and a bit of playfulness–but none of these are necessary. What is essential is your connection to the items displayed and thoughtfulness in how you arrange them. It really is quite fun and doable and can change each day or only once a season. Taking the moment or two to bring nature into your home is a low threshold way to weave some artistry into your life and to connect your family with the season and nature, which is often so difficult in the city. If you have a home nature table or start one now, take a picture and send it to Belle so we can include it in upcoming Villagers!

Juniper Class Adventures…


Tuition assistance awards for current families will be made through TADS via email by this Friday evening. It helps us to know in a timely way if you will accept your award and return to New Amsterdam next year, yet we know you may need time to consider before accepting. Please let us know at your earliest convenience and certainly the response deadline of February 11. Please refer to our website under Tuition Assistance for policies, deadlines, and other information. 


Christopher Street Tour CANCELLED
Thursday, Jan. 17

Unfortunately, our tour of 160 Christopher street has been CANCELLED.

Coffee Friday
Friday, Jan. 18

Good coffee. Good conversation. Downstairs after drop-off.

School Closed: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Monday, Jan. 21

NAS Parent Walk-Through
Wednesday, Jan. 23
For New Amsterdam parents interested in getting a deeper look into each class and grade, join Jennifer to tour each room and see our curriculum in action. Email Jennifer to attend.


We are still in the final stages of negotiations and as such the tour for tomorrow has been cancelled. We have seen the space with parents now three times and have toured with faculty and board a number of times too. At this point the advice we have gotten is that touring it again is not going to be helpful to our negotiations. If and when we sign the lease, we will be free to tour as often as we wish! We will keep you in the loop with weekly updates in the Villager.


- Seeking New Members -

Join us in planning, organizing, and completing the work in our new elementary school space. This will be a great way to invest your time in creating a beautiful space for our elementary school children and families and it is also a wonderful way to deepen friendships through shared work. We have already heard from a couple of parents wanting to join - thank you!

Kim John Payne


“The Overwhelm of Boys”

A lecture at New Amsterdam School

Save the Date: Thursday, March 21 at 7pm

New Friday Village Peeps Class:


Earth Arts with Ms. Ali is on Fridays from 3:30-5:00pm. Children will explore the natural world through art and creative projects. Enroll online or at the front desk.


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