The Twelve Senses


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Friday, October 5th, 8:30-9:30am, Free coffee in the parent lounge! Come on down after drop off.

NO SCHOOL - Indigenous People's Day / Columbus Day
Monday, October 8th

Juniper + Willow Parent Evening
Tuesday, October 9th, 6:30-8:00pm

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Sugar Maples First Day of School
Thursday, October 11th

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Monday, October 15th


Saturday, October 13th, 1:00-3:00pm

Join David (DiaLuna’s dad) for a couple of hours at the school in repairing and refreshing the classrooms and toys. We have tools and a wood shop; simply show up to help. Email David if you can make it



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Willow and Juniper children exploring the puddles

Willow and Juniper children exploring the puddles


The 12 Senses: sense of touch


Human beings interact with the world in complex and myriad ways, many beyond our conscious control or understanding. Rudolf Steiner strove to understand and, as a person of his time, to categorize, those ways. In one such framework he described twelves senses, seven more than the typical five. Follow the link at the bottom to learn more about all of those twelve senses, and read future newsletters too; but for now, it will suffice to say that there are four "lower" senses, four "middle" senses, and four "higher" senses and that the lower senses are the foundation of the development and healthy functioning of the higher senses. Waldorf early childhood curriculum works directly on the four lower senses: Touch, life, self-movement (proprioception), and balance (vestibular).

Touch is our focus today, and is the foundation for the sense of "self and other" in the adult. What stimulates a healthy sense of touch? Holding, cuddling, burrito-wrapping, swaddling, massage, bathing, and holding hands are examples. When children experience loving, appropriate pressure on their outermost physical layer, they learn that they have boundaries. They also learn just where they and the world meet. The repetition of loving touch imbues their being with a groundedness and the beginning of an experience of the dance of social life between self and other. Adults benefit from stimulation of the sense of touch as well. Treat yourself and your child to a bath or rub each other's feet. You will enjoy it as much as they do!

Learn More…

Article: Strengthening the Four Lower Senses

Book: Our Twelve Senses

Steiner Lecture: Man's Twelve Senses in Their Relation to Imagination, Inspiration, Intuition


Strategic Plan 2018-2024

Are you ready to jump in with us to create the New Amsterdam of the future? We hope so! We are entering an exciting time of development - adding another kindergarten classroom and grades 4 to 8 - and parents will play a central role in the success of this stage. The board and faculty have been busy working on a 6-year strategic plan and we need your involvement to complete it. How far from 62 Ave B could you imagine commuting to elementary school? What should our priorities be for our community life? We need your input to make this plan be a reflection of our goals as a whole school. The plan-in-process will be presented at parent evenings next week before the classroom discussions AND WE NEED YOUR INPUT. (Maples please join on Tuesday or Wednesday at 6:30pm.) Light refreshments will be served!

Elementary children at the Tompkins Square library

Elementary children at the Tompkins Square library


Simplicity Parenting is a book by Kim John Payne that offers a pathway to simplify four realms of your home to reduces stress and allow room for connection, creativity, and relaxation. The book focuses on streamlining your home environment, establishing rhythms and rituals, simplifying children’s schedules, and scaling back on media.

We’d love to start a book club focusing on this book. Please let Jennifer know if you’re interested and what time works best to meet.


Developing the Self Through the Inner Work Path in the Light of Anthroposophy by Lisa Romero

Ancient and modern practices are re-enlivened to meet humanity’s evolving needs and to fulfill our present task of cultivating freedom and love to its highest degree.

This book study group meets one Monday per month from 8:45am - 9:45am. First meeting is 10/15.


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