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Another challenge grant!

Last year we had a $100,000 matching grant, and we were able to raise the $100,000 we needed to receive the match. This year, the same generous NAS family has offered to give another $100,000 (their last such gift to the school) if we raise $200,000 by the end of December with 100% community participation: board, faculty, and parents. Wow!

We still have the $131,000 gap between tuition and operational expenses, which was our original goal for this year and what we shared at the parent evenings last month. However, how can we turn down $100,000? So we are doing all we can to gather support from near and far.

This added income, should we receive the grant, will support increased teacher salaries, additional staffing, and tuition assistance, in addition to greatly helping our real estate expenses as we expand next year. We have, as of today, raised over $30,000. Our giving tree should have a few more leaves on it by the time you return from break.

You will be hearing from us frequently as we tell the story of our school and our journey towards meeting our goal. We plan to include photos and video from the classrooms and maybe some interviews too. Shortly you will also find out how you can reach out to colleagues, friends and family over the break to invite them to invest in the future. We can do this, we know we can, when we all work together.

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Please be sure to read your re-enrollment email from Jennifer, which details 2019-2020 re-enrollment, tuition, and tuition assistance

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Our Winter Auction goes live on NOVEMBER 30th.

Have you submitted your donation yet? Past donations have included one-on-one cooking classes, babysitting, playdates, prints and artwork, homemade and knit goods, gift certificates, yoga lessons, meditation memberships, luxury items, event tickets, digital downloads, jewelry, vacation homes and packages, and unique offers and services. Please consider what you can give, and take the time to ask a friend or local business too (use the flyer below when asking!).

Enter donations here as soon as possible, please:



Thanksgiving Recess!

Nov 19 – 23

Eurythmy for Adults
Monday, Nov 26

No experience necessary; Meet downstairs after drop-off.

Anthroposophical Book Study Group with meditative drawing
Monday Nov 26

Grades 1-3 Parent Evening
Thursday, November 29

Coffee Friday
Friday, November 30

Good coffee. Good people. Meet downstairs.

Positions available at the Winter Fair on December 8th! Would you like to help with candle-dipping, cupcake-serving, or other fun activities? Please see Belle to sign up. Thanks!



Please contact Jennifer if you would like to form an evening book group for Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne.


Did you know that your Amazon purchases could be raising funds for our school? Shop through Amazon Smile to easily help our school:

1. Go to

2. Choose New Amsterdam School as your selected charity

3. Shop as normal and a percentage of what you spend is automatically donated to our school! 

Thank you Helena Kubicka De Braganca for taking these beautiful photographs of the Willow room!

Belle Savransky