Advent | The Light of Plants


The Light of Plants

Following our theme of the four weeks leading to the solstice, Christmas, and the New Year relating to four kingdoms of nature: minerals, plants, animals, and humans; we return to consider our relationship to the life of plants. Some relate the life of plants to the etheric body of the human being, as described by Rudolf Steiner. This etheric body is often referred to as the body of life forces. It is the difference between life and death; it is what keeps our form over our bones, and it is where our habits and forces of memory reside. It is where the bond between parent and young child is held – it is a very real thing to experience as any parent knows who feels a physical pain upon leaving their baby. The forces of life connecting parent and young child are so strong, are they not?

So how might we consider our relationship to what the plant world shows us and how it lives in us? How is your sleep and your diet? Are you replenishing your life forces? Are there habits that if formed consciously could support a more rhythmical and health-promoting lifestyle? Are there unconscious habits you've recently noticed that you would like to leave behind? You can support your healthy life forces by approaching life as rhythmically as possible – eating, sleeping, waking, exercising in a regular way. Plants grow rhythmically and live by the rhythm of the sun and moon – in the day, month, and year. This is the week to consider how we might benefit from a similar approach. It's certainly a challenge in the city that never sleeps; yet even contemplating these questions can connect us with ourselves in a meaningful way, especially in this busy season.


Thank you Chelsa Crowley and Frank Rivera for successfully heading our winter fundraising initiatives this year. We are incredibly grateful to Chelsa for her dedication, outreach, and hard work planning and leading our winter auction, and to Frank for organizing and producing another beautiful winter fair. And we thank our entire community of parent volunteers who cooked, donated, bid, and showed up to support our students and our school!

A joyous moment from our Lantern Walk last month.

A joyous moment from our Lantern Walk last month.

Spiral of Light

Today our children will walk the Spiral of Light. As the darkness has grown this fall, so has our inner strength to meet it. Now as the solstice approaches, and the light of the world we know is near, we can ponder the spark of that greater light that we each hold within us and from whence it came. And when the children each carry their lit candle out into the evergreen boughs, they will find their place among the other lights, bringing their gifts for all to see.

What to Expect at the Spiral of Light:

Quiet. Please help us maintain a mood of quiet reverence. Save conversations with others for another time. This may be challenging, but it's so wonderful to have a moment of quiet once a year. Your children can do it if you can! This applies all the way through your exit from the courtyard - please.
Darkness. It will be almost completely dark in the community room when you descend. Your eyes will adjust, but be careful when first entering.
Peacefulness. Please find a comfortable spot to sit for the length of the spiral, about 30 to 40 minutes at the most.
Joy. It is a truly joyous experience to witness each child's moment, bringing her light from the center to the periphery, a gift to the world.
A screen-free environment. Please save photos and filming for other events. This event is not a performance; it is an experience to be cherished in your mind's eye only.

Maples will sit and walk the spiral with their parents, Willows and Junipers will sit with their classmates and a teacher will walk with each child, and elementary school students will sit with their classmates and walk the spiral alone. Siblings are welcome to join the oldest child’s spiral with their parents.



Spiral of Light
Friday, Dec. 14
Maples- 11:15 to noon
First Grade- 3:00pm
Second/Third Grade- 3:30pm
Willow: 4:30pm
Juniper: 5:15pm
Please arrive 30 minutes before your child’s scheduled time

Peeps Choir Performance
Tuesday, Dec. 18

New Amsterdam Holiday Social
Wednesday, Dec. 19

Coffee Friday
Friday, Dec. 21

Coffee downstairs!

No school until January 7, 2019!

Congratulations to our Village Peeps Drama class for a moving performance of “The Blind Queen” yesterday, and to our drama instructor and playwright Mr. Owen.

New Village Peeps!

Village Peeps enrollment opens next week.

Our 2019 Peeps schedule includes:

Monday: Handwork

Tuesday: Children’s Choir

Wednesday: Drama

Thursday: Movement + Mindfulness

Friday: Earth Arts (NEW!)

Keep an eye out for the enrollment email coming next week.


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