The Rapture

by Mary Oliver

All summer
I wandered the fields
that were thickening
every morning,

every rainfall,
with weeds and blossoms,
with the long loops
of the shimmering, and the extravagant-

pale as flames they rose
and fell back,
replete and beautiful-
that was all there was-

and I too
once or twice, at least,
felt myself rising,
my boots

touching suddenly the tops of the weeds,
the blue and silky air-
passion did it,

called me forth,
addled me,
stripped me clean
then covered me with the cloth of happiness-

I think there is no other prize,
only rapture the gleaming,
rapture the illogical the weightless-

whether it be for the perfect shapeliness
of something you love-
like an old German song-
or of someone-

or the dark floss of the earth itself,
heavy and electric.
At the edge of sweet sanity open
such wild, blind wings.


Maintaining a daily rhythm plays an essential role in the physical, emotional, and cognitive wellbeing of children of all ages, and is a staple of Waldorf education. As the school year comes to a close, however, our familiar home rhythms have a way of softening, or disappearing altogether, as parents embrace the freeness and open pull of summer. 

Just as our inner patterns of breath and heartbeat change between waking and sleeping hours, the rhythms of our days change along with the seasons. Summer brings with it a beautiful dreamlike state of being — long days, sun-ripened fruit, warmed skin, extended play outdoors, and spontaneous travel. As our bodies sense this shift in energy, our schedules and rhythms begin to shift too. For children, this seasonal shift is reinforced further by their break from school. Bedtimes might creep later with the sunset, nap schedules may shift as we run around the city, and vacations have a way of throwing everything off. Thinking about your child’s summer rhythm now, before we say farewell next week, can help create gentle boundaries for your family to easily transition within, and allow your child the freedom to relax into the long exhale of summer. 

When thinking about your family’s summer rhythm, you might try keeping one simple guideline in mind: 

Breathe in, Breathe out. 

Time to play can be followed by time to rest; time to eat by time to digest; time to be social by time to be alone. Plan your outings, your rooftop barbecues, and your trips upstate. Hop on a plane, or venture into the wild, but remember that children find balance and comfort when their days have a foundation similar to breathing. Intentionally scheduling outward and inward time, including time to just be (which is admittedly hard for us on-the-go New Yorkers) creates a frame for your child to find freedom within. It also helps maintain a normal bedtime, and allows children to process, and truly enjoy, their experiences.  

Summer isn't about knowing all of the specifics. But for children, breathing into a healthy rhythm is what allows the spontaneity, adventure, and magic of the season exist. 

Dumpling Party!

The second and third graders traveled to The Golden Unicorn in Chinatown this week for Chinese dumplings and to learn more about the culture of our beloved Ms. En.

Please note that the last day of school (Friday, June 21) is a FULL DAY with regular dismissal times.
If you would like to join your class's Gratitude Circle to say goodbye to your child's teacher, please arrive 15 minutes before dismissal (12:45pm for kindergarten, and 3:00pm for grades 1-3).

Campus Development Update

We’re working on ensuring we have proper fire protection at 41 Ave B, the final item needing to be resolved before we sign the lease. We are hoping for a June 15 lease-start date. Stay tuned!


Last Monday Book Club of the Year
Book: Developing the Self Through the Inner Work Path in the Light of Anthroposophy by Lisa Romero
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Thursday, Oct 10

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With ONE WEEK LEFT UNTIL THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL on June 21st, it’s time to enroll for our summer program. Our program this year will run from July 8 to August 23, and you can customize your child’s schedule by choosing your preferred pick-up time (1pm or 3pm), as well as enrolling for only the weeks you need. Click below to learn more.

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