A Garden Grows

Thank you


In one day of baking, giving, and coming together at the Pastry Pop-Up Shop, our community surpassed the original fundraising goal and raised enough funds to support all of our El Jardin garden improvement projects! Our parent bakers created an impressive buffet of cherry pies, savory quiche, banana bread, maple scones, olive oil cake, gluten-free cookies, blueberry muffins, brownies, peach cobbler cookies, croissants, banana everything cookies, homemade chai, lemonade, and coffee, nearly all of which sold out! Sale proceeds pooled together and will purchase new plants, seeds, seed trays, and rain barrels for the garden plots. Five families each sponsored a larger project, securing the new sandbox, treehouse, pond renovation, log balance beam, and tree stump foot path for the kids. And since so many of you chose an individual tool to sponsor, our students will now have new wheelbarrows, shovels, trowels, gardening gloves, and watering cans next year. We are incredibly grateful for the time, effort, talent, vision, and generosity our community brought to this fundraiser. Whether you invested in a treehouse or bought a cup of coffee, baked a pie or donated your time behind the sales counter, your contribution helped make this a success. With these funds now in place we can move into the planning, approval, and building process to bring our garden vision to life. Thank you.

Please reach out to Belle if you missed the fundraiser and would still like to make a contribution, or if you are interested in helping to plan or build any of the new projects. For anyone feeling inspired to become a community garden member, El Jardin's annual membership meeting is coming up on June 22 at 2pm. And a special thanks to Rachel Welch (Caroline and Lucy's mom) and Belle (Biet, Lucien, and Levon’s mom) for envisioning, organizing, baking, and co-hosting this fundraiser from start to finish. 

Inspiring Curiosity

Adapted from “The Powerful Force of Curiosity”

Albert Einstein said, “ I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” Curiosity, the intrinsic drive to learn, is vital to education. In a state of curiosity we are best capable of digesting conceptual information and forming new memories. This is supported by studies such as the Center for Neuroscience (University of California at Davis) 2014 study, which found that a subject’s state of curiosity changed their brain chemistry. When subjects claimed to feel a pique in curiosity, MRI scans revealed that pleasure and reward centers lit up and so did areas of the brain related to memory creation. Participants who had reached this state of curiosity also better retained learned information.

Waldorf education fosters the natural curiosity that all children exhibit. When a young child asks a question, you’ll often hear the teacher respond, “I wonder…,” creating space for the child to imagine the possibilities. An older child’s teacher might encourage the student to discover the answer him or herself by making space and time for active exploration and careful observation. Encouraging curiosity in all subjects and grade levels enlivens students’ emotional, intellectual, social, and artistic capacities, and inspires deeper questioning. This is one benefit of a de-prioritized testing culture, which grants teachers the authority to teach creatively. 

Waldorf teachers also make a point of normalizing failure. By shifting the classroom focus to the process instead of the result, students can begin to see failure as a natural byproduct of learning and not a personal assault to the ego. This helps maintain a healthy sense of curiosity and allows students to view failure as a step in the learning process, which supports them in becoming lifelong learners.

 Awakening children’s natural curiosity, and fostering this trait into adulthood, is an idea worthy of pursuit in today’s education environment, and one that Waldorf education takes seriously. This essential drive to learn is the precursor to innovation, art, and inspiration in all its forms. And these are the disciplines that make the world a better place.

Lately at the garden…


A special Visitor in Spanish Class

Our Spanish teacher Don Rubin invited his 15-year-old daughter Zabi to class to demonstrate Sevillana dance for the second and third graders. Thank you Zabi!

Campus Development Update

The landlord at 41 Ave B has our second draft of the proposed lease and we’re awaiting their response. Things are looking good!

Last Parent Evening of the Year!

Juniper, Willow
New Date!
Wednesday, June 12


School Closed- Teachers Clerical Day
Monday, June 10

Last Monday Book Club of the Year
Book: Developing the Self Through the Inner Work Path in the Light of Anthroposophy by Lisa Romero
Monday, June 17

Community Budget Meeting
Parents interested in learning about our school's budget process and the budget for next year are welcome to join this half-hour meeting before the EC parent night. Anyone interested who can't make this meeting can email Jennifer to set up a morning meeting.
Wednesday, June 12

Friday, June 21

Summer Program Begins
Monday, July 8

come garden with us!


Join our parents, faculty, and alumni at an upcoming garden workday or membership meeting. No gardening experience necessary!

Saturday, June 8
Hosted by steering committee member and NAS alumni parent Adriana Hammonds

Saturday, June 22
Hosted by steering committee member Bonnie

Membership meeting
Saturday, June 22

Become a member of the garden!

El Jardin Steering Committee Meetings

Garden Steering Committee Meetings take place the second Monday of each month at Casita at El Jardin, with heavy rain locations of either Learning Alliance (29 Ave D) or our school. If you are interested in joining, please contact Erin Bailey (Rodeo’s mom) at reacherin@me.com. Upcoming meetings:

Monday, June 10 at 6:30pm

Monday, July 7 at 6:30pm

Monday, August 12 at 6:30pm

Monday, September 9 at 6:30pm

 See the full calendar at https://eljardindelparaiso.org/CALENDAR

Enroll Now for Summer


With TWO WEEKS left until the last day of school on June 21st, it’s time to enroll for our summer program. Our program this year will run from July 8 to August 23, and you can customize your child’s schedule by choosing your preferred pick-up time (1pm or 3pm), as well as enrolling for only the weeks you need. Click below to learn more.


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1. Go to smile.amazon.com

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Area Summer Camps

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