Our Teachers 



Ms. En Wong 

Elementary Teacher, Grades 2/3

Ms. En Wong was born in the tropical southeast Asian country of Singapore and moved to the United States to the small historic town of Deerfield, MA when she was ten years old. She graduated from the College of Arts and Sciences at NYU with a degree in Anthropology, and from Sunbridge Institute with a certificate in Waldorf Elementary Teaching Education.  The daugher of a world class cellist and a cellist herself since the age of four, Ms. En brings the warmth of rhythm and music into her classroom, often incorporating song into daily lessons. This will be her third year teaching at New Amsterdam School. 


Ms. Anna Park 

Elementary Teacher, Grade 1

Anna Park is a pianist, music director, and Waldorf-trained teacher. She moved to the US at the age of thirteen to attend the Juilliard School and performed at numerous venues over the years including Carnegie Hall. She went on to study at Oberlin College and Conservatory and began teaching music to high school children with autism. After college she returned to South Korea to pursue Waldorf teaching certification at the Stuttgart Waldorf Teacher's College while working as a teacher at Busan Waldorf School, and later relocated to New York City to begin teaching at New Amsterdam School. Ms. Anna Park is currently the lead teacher for our first grade class as well as the music teacher for our first through third graders. 


Mr. Howard Dulaney 

Juniper Mixed-Age Kindergarten Lead Teacher 

Mr. Howard was born in Alabama as the middle child of three boys. Around the age of seven he became aware of New York City and knew at once that Manhattan was where he belonged. After graduating from Mississippi State University with a degree in art, he moved to NYC's East Village in 1990 to work in theater. His daughter Lisette came home in 2009 and is the greatest joy in his life. When Lisette began school at New Amsterdam, Mr. Howard worked as a NAS volunteer, which quickly transitioned to substitute teaching in the early childhood classrooms. Encouraged by many, including our own Ms. Patricia, he went on to train at Sunbridge Institute as a Waldorf teacher. This will be his fifth year teaching at our school, and third year as the Juniper Mixed-Age Kindergarten lead teacher. 


Ms. PAtricia Carlin 

Willow Mixed-Age Kindergarten Lead Teacher 

Ms. Patricia Carlin holds a master's degree in education from SUNY New Paltz and has earned Waldorf teaching credentials from both Sophia's Hearth Family Center and Sunbridge Institute. She has been working at New Amsterdam School since 2011 as a kindergarden and nursery teacher, but has been an early education teacher for many years. Patricia credits her Waldorf training with deepening her capacities to observe young children and respond to them with empathy and heartfelt care. She feels that a Waldorf pedagogy holds a true picture of human development and provides an essential foundation in her work. 


Ms. KAori fuller 

Maples Class Lead Teacher 

Ms. Kaori was born in Japan at the foot of Mt. Fuji. Before she entered the path to becoming a Waldorf educator, Ms. Kaori worked in Tokyo as an astrologer and was part of an organic farm and artist community. She later went on to become a teacher, completing her teacher training at Sunbridge Institute ten years ago. She taught at Green Meadow Waldorf School for five years before joining New Amsterdam, and she will be entering her third year with our school this fall. She teaches Japanese for our first through third graders, Seedlings parent/child classes, and is the lead teacher for our Maples Two's class. Her work focuses on building a foundation for lifelong social learning through parents, teachers, and children working together to model empathy, friendship, turn-taking, and joy in work. Ms. Kaori is the mother of a thirteen-year-old son. 


Ms. Brigitte Choura

Parent/Child LEAD Teacher 

Ms. Brigitte completed her year-long study of “Birth to Three” at Sophia’s Hearth Waldorf Early Childhood Center in Keene, New Hampshire in 2015 and holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Theatre from Muhlenberg College. She joined New Amsterdam School as a Robin’s Nest assistant her first year, a Parent/Child assistant her second year, and a Parent/Child lead teacher in 2019. In her parent/child work, Brigitte strives to create a space of reverence where we as human beings can consciously come together and behold the children in their unfolding and deepening. Brigitte also attends births as a labor doula and works in the field of therapeutic arts for adults living with developmental disabilities.


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